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is on for the killers and his motive. kpix5's kristen ayers is at the crime scene. kristen. >> reporter: that's right, bower was a dublin resident. authorities announced today that he died around 4:00 today. tonight here at the scene, people are leaving behind flowers at the very spot where his car plunged down a ravine moments after he was shot. black ribbon tied outside the santa clara ambulance station, along with flowers and stuffed animals. >> he was a great guy. he was an amazing paramedic. >> black bands over badges. all in tribute to santa clara county paramedic, quinn bower. bower was offduty visiting his father in the oakland hills tuesday when someone opened fire on his in his blue honda civic. quinn stepped on the gas and the car crashed. >> not only our company, but our community and the ems community as a whole. >> the shooting happened almost two years to the day that another paramedic at the same station, brian stowe, was left severely brain damaged after being beaten at a giants dodgers game. >> people are still dealing with that horrible, tragic accident. for this to happen on t
. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. they do have their critic in san francisco but they have been a huge boom to businesses. live on the embarcadero with more on this developing story. fleet week is still happening without the star attraction? >> reporter: so far so good but not with the blue angels. you know how painful it is for aviation enthusiasts. you can blame the sequester as you said. the pentagon has to deal with budget cuts because of it and it looks like entertainment will be the first to take a hit. the navy says all the performances are cancelled. so no f-18 fighters streaking through the skies. the squadron will stay in pensacola, florida and fly just enough to stay proficient and safe. san francisco business depends a lot on the revenue generated by fleet week and blue angel performances and organizers say they will take a hit. >> a lot of people will come out saturday morning is the parade of ships. that i don't know about it. we may not get a parade 6 ships. that will be the next probably shoe that will drop. first, the blue angels and then the parade of ships that come from
address today. and he's going to have to. joining me is nbc kristen welker at the white house. alex wagner. chris freight, national correspondent for the national journal. and jackie kucinich, political editor for "the washington post." i want to star with kristen right now, it seems to me this is going to be dominated by syria. >> i think that's right, chris. i think that the president is going to get a lot of questions about syria. of course, several months ago he declared that it would be a red line if syria used chemical weapons. just last week, the administration said that there is proof, they believe, that syria has used chemical weapons. and at this point, it's not clear how the president, how this administration is going to respond. they say they need more evidence to corroborate the initial intelligence reports. i think you're absolutely right, the president has to some extent boxed himself in with those comments. we know that he's also reached tout russia. he just made a phone call to vladimir putin yesterday trying to get him on board to convince assad to step down, at the very
snapping on the new span of the bridge. kristen ayers found out caltrans may need every minute of it to fix the problem. kristen. >> that's right, juliette. tonight we are learning that engineers are weighing the possibility that when the bridge opens, workers will still be tinkering with some of the bolts that broke on the underside of the roadway last month. now right now, that is just a possibility. engineers do not yet have a firm time line for a permanent fix. so it's unclear whether those bolts that hold them down would be secured by the time the bridge opens on labor day. we've learned tomorrow morning's meeting, engineers will present at least four options to fix the problem. the fixers are going to cost upwards of the $1 million originally reported and it could cost up to $10 million. bridge officials say the bottom line is, broken bolts or not, the new bridge is safer than the old bridge. and also get an update tomorrow on what fixes have already been put inplace. engineers have been hard at work to put some fixes in place. in the meantime, we'll hear the latest on how they think
-- kristen and eric? >> a student magazine story that has everyone talking on the peninsula that touch add nerve on a high school campus. >> immigration reform hits home. the appeal 4th grader >> covering san francisco, east bay and santa clara and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 4:41. a group of 4th grades from berkeley taking part in a rally tonight as part of national day of action for immigration reform. students at jefferson elementary school are trying to bring attention to their campaign to bring their friend and classmate home. ten-year-old guzman was visiting family in mention cone when the visas expired and they were denied entry in the united states in january and told they had a five-year wait to re-apply for new visas. >> in washington there is a tentative deal on allowing farm workers in the united states, one of the key issues that has been standing in the way of immigration reform measure. lawmakers are not offering specifics on the deal but a bipartisan group of senators is hoping to come up with a sweeping reform bill by the end of the week. >> apr
, beginning with nbc's kristen welker at the white house. kristen? >> reporter: lester, good evening. the senate will take up debate on the gun legislation this coming week as the passionate public discussion wages on. across the country today, from atlanta to indiana and pennsylvania, people rallied to demand tougher gun laws. >> a background check is just a baseline common sense thing to do. >> this is a public safety issue. >> reporter: but some gun rights advocates protested against new laws. >> please, don't attack our rights as citizens. we're here. we're law-abiding citizens and we're being the ones victimized for this. >> reporter: but it is this woman whose voice may resonate the most. >> as you pced, i'm the pr >> reporter: for first time ever, the president turned over his weekly address to a private citizen, francine wheeler is a grieving newtown parent. >> david and i have two sons, our younger son, ben, age 6, was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14th, exactly four months ago this weekend. >> reporter: wheeler was among the newtown families who spent th
>> good morning, kristen. a lot has happened in the week since two bombs went off at the boston marathon and investigators look at motive those are talking to one brother and looking to the other brother's past. >> a week after the boston marathon attack, a suspect is dead and the other is in the hospital. the search for answers continued. law enforcement officials tell abc7 news the 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is awake but unable to speak because of a neck authorities that could be self inflicted. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in answering some questions in writing. authorities asked about potential accomplices and unexploded bombs. >> i am not convinced they were planning more attacks. we have to be vigilant. >> police captured him after a dramatic end to the manhunt the broader investigation has focused on his older brother, 26-year-old who died in a shootout with police. last year he traveled overseas to russia and chechnya and linked to jihad videos online. some wonder why he fell ofhei. y questioned him two years ago. >> he got off the radar and traveled to the most dange
will help with the allergies. >> kristen berset is at the verison center tonight. the caps not too far away from the game against toronto, huh? >> reporter: that's right, lesli. a big game tonight. as they say, the game must go on. the caps hit the ice, but the victims in boston weigh on their mind. head coach, adam oats speaks out. plus, alex lynn says good-bye >>> we have breaking news, cnn is reporting that a positive test for rison has been intercepted. it's a highly toxin naturally occurring protein. doses as small as a few grains of salt can kill an adult human. it was found in a senate mail room. we have a newses crew on the way to the scene and bring you more information coming up at 7:00. >>> now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> we are live at the verison center. the capitals tonight hosting the toronto maple leafs, closing out this recent home stand, going for their eighth straight victory. a moment of silence will be held before the game begins in honor of the victims of yesterday's bombings. five games left to go. a moment of silence.
scheduled until 11 a.m. and eastbound 580 between greenville to north flynn road. eric and kristen? >> it doesn't feel like 2012 presidential race just ended and everyone is talking about 2016. the bay area support one potential candidate is getting. >> first, a close call this southern california, the mistake that ended with a semi truck crashing through a kitchen. >> two of silicon valley's largest tech companies want toes expand >> covering cupertino, wine country and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> the long view from the sutro camera across the bay what you can see in the distance, mount diabolo, you can see high thin clouds and when the sun comes up it will be beautiful. >> what do you think of when you say things we might find in the kitchen? >> toaster. pots and pans. >> coffee maker. >> how about a semi truck? a woman in san diego county escaped injury after this semi crashed into her home yesterday evening in spring valley. the truck went 15' into the house before stopping in the kitchen. investigators say the truck was parked on a hill and the brakes were not open.
kristen has glitter all over her. >> come on! mike nicco, the king of weather is next. >> i have been trying to get a new case from management because mine is broken... >> we will put in the word. >> new a look at what is going on, astros and a's, 7:05, the first pitch will be 54. 48 degrees when it finishes at 10:00, chilly and breezy. on the spine of the sierra we have snow showers and lowell vacations and higher elevations of rain showers but not much. 67 in sacramento. to the south, scattered light showers and low-to-mid 60's around san diego and los angeles. leyla gulen, get me out of this. >> if mike calls us on that negotiation i will upset. >> it is 5:25 as we look at the drive into san jose it is busier but we do have debris in lanes southbound 280 beyond ray street but it is not slowing things down. it is not slowing down in mass transit, with everything running at top speeds and on type. san jose, the drive, northbound, 87, to downtown san jose, it is looking clear. kristen and kira? >> they could be flying off the bookstore shelves but "50 shades of gray" are not lining th
kerry heads next to china which many believe holds the key to helping kim jong-un stand down. kristen? >> thank you. governor brown is in china where he took a ride on the bullet train from beijing to shanghai while on the week-long trade mission. a super high-speed train and brown here is supporting high-speed rail in california and got an opportunity to ride one in china. he is hoping china will pump cash into california's project. the "los angeles times" reports that some potential vendors have expressed interest and california's high-speed rail board chief will meet tomorrow with china's rail construction company. >> mike nicco is watching the forecast. what a great job this morning. >> you like roller coaster ride rides? >> yes. we will have one with the temperatures. >> absolutely, the spring seesaw is coming at us today and through the weekend. we will start off warm but by sunday and monday it will change at 10 to 15 and possibly 20 degrees cooler. we are at 14 degrees cooler in nevada, and nine degrees warmer in santa rosa and the rest of us are three to four degrees cooler p
:00. thanks for ending the week with us. i am kristen sze. >> how will we end this week weather-wise? i heard it is going to be nice. >> absolutely. a comfortable day with temperatures back to normal after being cooler than that the clouds are not so wide-spread but our visibility is fairly unlimited, too, until you get to 1,500' where you will find the clouds. now, this afternoon, make sure you have the sunglasses and dress for temperatures around 61 in san francisco, to 73 in fremont. that is the spread around the bay shore. at the coast we will be around 58 to 64, and inland we will see a big spread from 58 in petaluma to 80 in antioch. leyla gulen? >> in allah month a fatality is leaving stone valley road shut down in both directions. this is after a car was traveling at a high rate of speed and flips on its roof and resulted in a fatality. pg&e is on the scene. you can use an alternate to connect to 680 to get to oakland. we have an emergency closing because of the possibility of a grenade being found on international boulevard between 47th and 50th avenue, international boulevard is clo
substance. kristen welker standing by with more on the suspicious letter sent to the president. what can you tell us about this? >> i'm just getting information from the secret service. the letter was received on the 16th. it was addressed to the president containing a suspicious substance received at the remote white house screening mail facility. now, this facility ree teenly identifies letters or parcels that require secondary screening or scientific testing before they're delivered. the secret service white house mail screening facility is remote. it's not located near the white house. and the secret service the working in concert with the fbi and dhs to get to the bottom of this. obviously, a very tense time here in the wake of the bombings in boston. and then that letter that was intercepted to the senator that we learned about, so again, right now, the secret service fbi and dhs investigating a letter addressed to president obama that did contain a substan substance, so that is the latest here from the white house. the briefing by jay kacarney is expected to start within the half hour
as kristen shows us, a group of men stepped up to the task. >> it was a brawl not so different from this one, fremont high senior watched it unfold on campus in oakland. >> it turned into a riot. then the police -- they tried to break it up, but they didn't do it in the right way. >> cofounders of a grass roots group called men of influence. this was more than just a schoolyard scuffle. they saw the potential for gun violence after kids left the playground. >> innocent folks getting killed that night or the next day because of a simple little fight. >> upshaw and shaw are known and respected here. they talked the teens down. >> call it a preemptive strike. the men of influence act as village elders in a community ravaged by violence. they set up a hot line in stationed point people throughout oakland's toughest neighborhoods. when they get a call about gangs targeting someone or hear talk of retaliation, they show up to talk them out of it. >> my main goal in the man of influence is to get them to put the gun down. >> organizers say since starting at the beginning of the year, they in
to new york after 40 years on the west coast. our report from kristen dahlgren in beautiful downtown burbank. >> reporter: after weeks of speculation with even the comedians dancing around the issue. ♪ tonight ♪ who cares who hosts tonight >> reporter: today nbc executives announced "tonight" goes to jimmy fallon. the popular host of "late night" who started his career on "saturday night live." fallon joked he's excited to host a show that starts today instead of tomorrow. leno offered up congratulations adding, if you need me, i'll be at the garage -- a reference to his love of classic cars. leno's exit hasn't been without some jabs at nbc, his home for 22 years. >> nbc and i have reached a peaceful amicable agreement that is both beneficial to both sides -- april fool! >> reporter: it's not the first time leno has left "the tonight show." >> the way "the tonight show" works is they always want you to leave it while it's still on top. i get that. >> reporter: in 2009 jay was replaced by "late night" host conan o'brien but was back on "tonight" within months. >> i think there is
kristen sze could not be more excited being an alumni. >> and my sister. >> 4:37. >> the weather is very important because we have lots of rain. mike nicco is trapping on live doppler 7 -- tracking on live doppler 7 hd. >> i am a kansas alumni and rather sad. we will talk about what is going on as far as the forecast. the golden gate bridge shows still raining here. we have a lot of ponding on the roadway. the heavy radar is around veteran's boulevard and redwood city to atherton and you can see the heavy rain right there and we have a spot right around 84 moving through the union city area headed to fremont and fremont boulevard. you can see the eastern section of san jose where we have a yellow spot so moderate rain there south king road possible and right around 285. the best radar returns seem to be an area around the radar and they are 35 miles so the light-to-moderate rain we are seeing on the radar is possibly just radar shooting higher in the clouds but the potential is there for the rain to fall. know there could be ponding on the roadways we just talked about with light-to-mode
men and women in the work force >> kristen: a rough ride on 680 through fremont. sky7hd show several disabled cars just before 7. metal debris cautioned flat tires to about 20 vehicles. some cars were towed. some were repaired at the scene. road was cleared later. >> cheryl: part of the great highway remains closed. gusts up to 75 miles an hour dumped sand on the road along ocean beach. a stretch of the road remains closed. no estimated time for the roadway to reopen. >> wild weather moved east and then intensified. katie marzullo joins us. problems on the ground and in the air. >> everywhere but the good news is there is not a lot of fallout at sfo. airport spokesman says only one southwest flight round trip to denver is cancelled but in denver, 535 flights are grounded. >> it's snowing in denver and crews at the airport are working to keep flights cleared. flights are delayed on on top of the hundreds that have been cancelled. high winds are causing problems in denver. take a look at massive tree that came crashing down with a family inside. >> it feels like, i could never imagine
again as he did so many years ago. nbc's kristen dahlgren has our story tonight. >> reporter: just days before rudy's 90th birthday, a dream come true. >> it's been 69 years since i've been on a b-17. and it was beautiful. couldn't ask for anything better. >> reporter: known as the flying fortress, the b-17 is credited with helping to win world war ii and helping to shape the greatest generation. >> our generation saved the world. >> reporter: an for a young sergeant from a small town in california, it was the aircraft that altered his life. >> it was the most special plane up in the air. >> reporter: he was a gunner, until a mission over germany took down the mighty plane. >> and as i was coming down in the parachute, i looked up and i saw the plane blow up. >> reporter: captured and held for almost a year by the germans -- >> this telegram here was sent to my parents when i got shot down. they didn't know for 48 days if i was alive or dead. >> terrible. >> so you can imagine what they went through. >> reporter: the pain is still fresh when he talks about buddies in the p.o.w. camp. >>
us. >> thanks for joining us. what is your name? >> i was going do make people guess but i am kristen sze. >> a record spell year. could it happen today, mike? >> that is over. one and done. a march madness thing even though it is april. but it will still be warmer than average. umbrella needed for the strong sunshine with clouds tracking yesterday along the coast, here you go, half moon bay, quarter mile visibility and everyone else is doing fine but they will make that right turn at the golden gate bridge and start to come in during our morning hours. i will show you how that affects the seven-day outlook. now what to expect this afternoon, next 12 hours we are 68 to 82 around the bay and 78 to 85 are the highs inland and only low-to-mid 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> at 5:00, we will look at the drive in marin county, where we see a bit of fog along the coast indicated by the on you can see at the top of the screen. we are seeing patches of it everywhere and it is not hampering traffic. that is good as we look at the traffic times, we have a drive on 101 headed between 380 to r
-year- old son. kpix5's kristen ayers on what that little boy has been able to tell cops. kristen. >> reporter: authorities aren't saying exactly what he is telling them. he is aware of what happened. it's a tragic event that happened with a very young witness. >> lord have mercy. >> bishop is grieving for two people. her 21-year-old daughter, shot on this quiet street in north oakland last night. and her daughter's four-year- old son, joshua, who watched the murder happen. we are protecting his identity. >> he just kept saying mom hurt her knees. and so i mean, he was sitting right there, right behind her when this guy shot her in the head. >> pictures, joshua appear inseparable. their birthdays were in april. her family says was a good mother who worked part-time in child care and went to college. her little sister looked up to her. >> she always comfort me. she was my role model. >> someone come forward and tell who these people are that murdered my daughter. >> police do have some leads. there may have been an argument before the gunfire erupted. the chief came to the
beyond treasure island a couple of lanes are blocked until 5:00 a.m. kristen and eric in. >> 4:40. san jose police in the city reach a deal on a major issue that split them apart, what it will mean for officers and city hall. >> how local chefs help the victims of the boston bombings, one soup bowl at a time. >> if love had wings, the local marriage proposal that pairs >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 4:43, a look from the rooftop camera to san francisco. it will be a glorious day. leyla gulen will fill you in on the problems in a few moments. >> a hearing is held as san jose city has a breakthrough between the city and the police officers union. negotiators reached a deal on a police pension plan that applies to all future officers. a binding arbitration process set to begin today is no longer needed. last year, voters approves reducing long term pension costs but that created major tension between the police and the city. san jose still has to reach agreement with the firefighters union. >> oakland detective
morning, i am kristen sze. >> investigators say the fire is suspicious. it was reported after midnight on the school campus in san lenadro. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is on the scene. why does the fire department think it was started on purpose? >> the cause is under investigation but fire officials calling it "very suspicious." nothing left of the brand new portable buildings. they were not going to be classrooms but temporary office space for the school district until the fire changed all of that. >> the place was ferocious. this dramatic home video obligated by abc7 news shows how intense the fire was. smoke and flames lighting up the night sky after midnight. it sent the neighbor running from his home. >> you could see the ball of fire, i grabbed my wife and she grabbed her laptop and phone and we were gone. >> the blaze happened on the campus of james madison elementary school. the portable building that burned were going to be temporary offices for the san lenadro school district which shares the same property. they were delivered only yesterday. >> unfortunate. that was
the tug of war from oakland. kristen. >> reporter: that's right. you would think in a high stakes game like this on all the action would be on the court. that tug of war is intensifying over which side of the bay san francisco or oakland will get to claim their hometown team. >> playoff game three. and the real rivalry was happening off court. >> it is a competition. it's back and forth. >> a battle over which city the warriors will call home. oakland, which has the team until 2017. or -- >> san francisco. definitely. >> which is the promise of a spectacular waterfront stadium. it's a debate coming between friends. >> san francisco, that's where they were from, that's where they need to be. >> this is like dividing your friendship. >> and putting the mayors of oakland and san francisco at odds. the whole san francisco bay stands behind the warriors. ed lee tweeted last week, oakland mayor tonight, oakland got the best fans around. >> this year for the warriors was the second highest attendance the warriors have ever had. >> brian, vice president of sports has doubts san franc
for near normal operations today. we are in washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen, a huge mess for american airlines. their systems are up and running this morning but the impact of the massive computer meltdown is still being felt today and some are even experiencing long lines at american airlines counters this morning. >> american airlines hopes to get the planes off the ground today but will not be running at full speed saying they fix add problem with the computer network that left tens of thousands of passengers stranded. still, there is a backlog after they ground all of the planes. >> waiting to see what is happen ing. we don't know what will happen. >> from dallas to chicago to miami, planes sat on the tarmac and passengers waited in long lines. in all, 1,000 flights were canceled and hundreds more were delayed. >> the positive aspect is everyone has been pleasant. not so great is we have no idea when we will get home. >> the computer meltdown left agents unable to access information on the computers and the airlines separation center had no way to change
. kristen, i know you have been talking to runners all day long as they return home. how are they doing? >> reporter: well, one runner put it, he said they all feel very sore, incredibly sore, both physically and emotionally. about an hour ago, i spoke with a true running legend in d.c. 63-year-old jay winn, he's a running coach. he has run 150 different marathons. this was his 29th boston marathon. i spoke with him about what happened after he got off his flight from boston. >> jay winn, kristin fisher, so nice to meet you. so glad you are safe. >> thank you very much. >> so, you crossed the finish line just 30 minutes before the bomb went off. >> yes. and i was in a bus changing clothes when we heard the booms a few seconds apart and the shock waves followed. it felt very much like i was at home on 9/11. the shock wave felt just the same. i knew instantly it was a bomb. >> >> reporter: you have been so close to two major terror attacks on u.s. soil. have you had a chance to process that? >> it's frightening, of course, but we in the running community, we know we will persevere.
town to kristen welker who covers the white house for us. kristen, i don't know how long a night it was for the president. it's usually a matter of personal privilege how often they want to be awakened by the situation room. their domestic staff, the security staff, and i don't know if we'll ever know how many consecutive hours the president was aware of the events of the night. >> reporter: we tried to get an exact count as to how many hours he slept last night and we haven't gotten that answer. but i can tell you he was briefed throughout the night by his homeland security adviser. then he convened a meeting of his entire national security team this morning. it lasted for about an hour. attorney general eric holder was there, the fbi director as well as secretary of state john kerry, cia director, they were all there sort of walking him through everything that they know about the astonishing events that pete just mapped out. that meeting lasted for about an hour. the president has been receiving updates every -- on monday we have heard from the president about three times. on t
center this is abc7 news. it is 4:28. hope you had agreat week. i am kristen >> i am eric thomas. now the check on the weather forecast. not asking for fashion advise but short sleeves okay? >> i think so, why not? you talked to kristen about it and i will talk about the radar and live doppler 7 hd and how quiet it is. as far as what is going on our temperatures are running around 49 in san francisco to at in oakland and 59 in hayward. as far as what will happen as we head to the afternoon hours, record highs are possible. 84 to 90 inland. 78 to 88 around the bay. 62 to 68 at the coast. >> good morning, at 4:28. a happy earth day to everyone. if you are looking to reduce your footprint, mass transit is running on time. we do not have delays on bart or caltrain or muni. if that is not an option and you need to car pool, the drive to ng 280.e is nas we do not see too many headlights, and as we look at maze and the east bay the drive along westbound 80 is moving smoothly and accident-fry. a moment of silence is observed at 11:50 when the first of two bombs went off at the boston marathon
of a que sequester and caused widespread delays for travelers this week. kristen welker is at white house with more on how congress engineered a quick fix to the delays. kristen. >> reporter: this entire process shows how quickly congress can act when it really wants to. it took just two days for lawmakers to pass legislation authorizing the faa to use other money in its budget, to end the furloughs and those flight delays. today in his weekly address, the president who has said he will sign the bill, called it a temporary fix, a band-aid that doesn't address the overall budget issues which led to the sequester cuts. he continued to criticize republicans for allowing the sequester to occur at all. now in the republicans' official response today, a republican congressman charged that the faa could have made adjustments to avoid those furloughs. he accused the obama administration of playing politics, inflicting pain on the public to give the president more leverage to avoid making spending cuts and to impose more tax hikes. now, due to a typo in the bill, it won't reach the president for h
-trafficking legislation in order to gut the provision. congratulations to the nra. nbc's kristen welker is traveling with the president, and she joins us now from denver. kristen, good afternoon. the president has made it plain that however effective the nra may be in silencing members of congress and preventing any meaningful legislation on guns, he will not be silenced and he will continue to campaign on behalf of the victims of gun violence both in colorado as in today, and indeed around the country. that's right, isn't it? >> reporter: i think that's absolutely right, martin. in fact, on monday, president obama will be traveling to connecticut where, as you mentioned, today they are poised to pass some of the stiffest gun laws in the nation. so there are sort of two parts to this strategy. president obama going out, getting outside of the d.c. bubble, traveling to different states to make his case. but specifically targeting these states that have recently enacted or introduced different laws like colorado. as you know, colorado is a state that has been ravaged by gun violence. and in recent wee
work remains to be done. nbc's kristen welker joins us now from the white house. kristen, the white house released a photo of the president speaking with nicole hockley, mother of a little boy killed at sandy hook. what can you tell us about those calls and the president's reaction to the vote today? >> reporter: almost immediately after the procedural vote the president picked up the phone and called the family members who have been here all week long, the family members of the newtown victims. they've been going senator to senator urging them to pass these gun laws. so today was a procedural vote, as you point out, but the white house calling it an important first step. but they are being very cautious in their language, martin, because this is still very early on in this process. it is, again, just a procedural vote that sort of clears the way for this legislation to move forward. there's another procedural vote, and there are going to be a lot of twists and turns along the way. a lot of debate along the way before the legislation is actually voted on. now, the white house has be
in west, texas. joining us now is nbc's kristen welker. kristen, more on texas in a bit, but i'd like to start with the con troertroversy over the fbi' handling of the tsarnaev brothers going as far back as 2011. the white house is facing a lot of questions over the fbi's handling. how is the white house responding? >> reporter: well, martin, right now the fbi is -- the white house, i should say, is standing firmly behind the fbi. although deflecting most questions back to the fbi. the fbi is making the case that, look, when russia asked them to look into tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother, back in 2011, they did that. they didn't find any ties to any extremist groups or any extremist behavior. when they asked russia for more information, russia essentially didn't give it. that's what the fbi is saying. so they believe they followed protocol. right now the white house standing behind them for that. >> now to texas, kristen. the white house -- is the white house concerned at all about the sight of the president standing side by side with the man that many have accuse him of campaigni
at the top of this hour, nbc news white house correspondent, kristen welker. nbc news foreign correspondent, ayman mohyeldin, and connecticut senator, richard blumenthal. senator, i'll ask you to stand by for one second while we check in with kristen and ayman. kristen, let's begin with the political calculations that go into what the white house is looking for, especially when the administration is receiving pressure from the rights about what it would mean if syria has, indeed, used chemical weapons on its open people. >> reporter: well, thomas, right now the administration essentially trying to buy some time, because there aren't any good options when it comes to syria. putting troops on the ground could cost thousands of american lives, arming the rebels is difficult, because it's not quite clear who the opposition forces are. a no-fly zone, also tricky. so the united states really trying to carve out some more time, but also making the point that they want to be 100% certain of this latest intelligence, which suggests that syria has used chemical weapons. they say there are still quest
website for details. now from abc7 news i am kristen sze. developing news from the east bay where antioch police are investigating a triple shooting that happened before 11:00 laugh night with reports after shooting on yorkshire drive. officers found a man dead inside the home. we are told two women, a mother and her daughter in her 20's, were also shot. they were taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> right now, we will check in with leyla gulen for the morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. we do have two sig-alerts. the first is on the san mateo bridge occurred blocking the car pool lane at the toll plaza and that is involving an s.u.v. and a motorcycle. the second sig-alert is in effect until 7:45 and that is along northbound 680 at mission boulevard closed until 7:45. >> we are seeing sun and well talk to mike nicco about the warm >> you will find temperatures all over the scale from 47 in napa to san francisco, oakland, mountain view and antioch at 58 degrees. as far as today, we will have total sunshine and much calmer conditions. temperatures will top out near 80 aro
marzullo here for kristen sze. get the umbrella ready because it is raining. here is mike with the forecast. >> it is raining as we talked about it would be, a steady rain coming down on storm watch. it has let up a little bit on the san mateo bridge but if you look at lower left happened side you can see some of the rain hitting the ground. we still have the light-to-moderate rain but not so heavy as it was before. now what is going on, the green is taking over our neighborhoods and it is light-to-moderate. yellow is moderate in the east bay valley but headed up 80 to sacramento and vallejo and another strip of moderate rain right now moving closer to the coast in the north bay. there you go, we are going do have steady rain through the commute with embedded heavy spots from time to time. be prepareed. that will be through 9:00. then we will have scattered showers for the day. now traffic with leyla gulen. >> we are tracking the weather related to the roads. as we look back at santa rosa the blue area which indicates very heavy rain was really to the west of 101 and now it is starting to c
and no accidents reported as of yet. kristen and eric? >> 5:18. >> if payment on a new car seem too high, how without like a few extra years to pay it off? >> didn't have to think about that for long, the bloomburg business report is coming up. >> staying in shape without leaving the office, a desk will have you walking your way to fitness. on katie, finding a man and more importantly, holding on to him. importantly, holding on to him. secret tips this is $100,000. importantly, holding on to him. secret tips we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? money than a stranour bank , you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. with its creamy, thick texture you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied. >> the navy has new technology that allows ships to shoot down drones for the
like american bandstand. >> good analogy. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike has the forecast. >> dick clark is smiling. that was great. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry this morning and breezy. not dangerous winds of yesterday. the fastest gusts are 20 miles per hour in novato and half moon bay and fairfield and livermore and the rest of us are at 15 and down to around den in oakland. those are gusts that could change at any time. sunny start around the bay and 54 and upper 60's at noon and mid-70's and breezy conditions in the afternoon. inland we are starting in the 40's and 50's and near 70 by noon and in the mid 70's by 4:00 but a calm and mild evening around 70 and cool at the coast. this is where the fast wind is at 48 and hanging around 60 for the boater part of the afternoon and a coat this evening at 55. >> sig-alert in brentwood is slowing traffic down taking you to marsh creek road a head on collision with one party still trapped and a car is on its side^. we will look at our app and we are seeing a very special abc7 news wazers tracking this for us a
to hayward, the mission boulevard off-ramp is closed. that is due to an overturned truck. eric and kristen? >> 5:25. animals and home video and jimmy kimmel has a field day. >> the star of an amazing animal video is not the animal, it is the woman recording the animal. >> that is the raccoon walking side to one side using the tennis ball. very, very clever. >> he airs weeknights at 11:35 at the new time following abc7 news at 11 with "nightline" after jimmy. owe "dancing with the stars", the reality star of real house wives of beverly hills exited 9 computation saying she had an amazing time and learned four dances along the way, starting with the foxtrot and jiv." -- jive and got her best score with the waltz. who will walk away with the trophy? that is coming up on america at 7:00. >> we are 145 days away from the opening of the new bay bridge and questions surround broken bolts and the answers caltran's expecting to provide the. >> developing news from the east bay, three people shot on a quiet street in antioch and now neighbors are revealing new information about hey! did y
're providing. >> kristen, let's just go over the specifics so that everybody understands the nuts and bolts of what we just learned. >> good afternoon, thomgs, what is different about this budget from your typical budget is that this is not the president's wish list, this represents compromise and concessions on all sides. so the president calling for $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction over ten years, congressmen will like the investments in infrastructure, what they don't like is that the president is calling for reforms in social, changing the way social security payments are calculated. republicans say the president needs to actually do more in terms of reforming entitlements, what they don't like in this budget is that there are new revenues, the president calling to close some tax ex -- and also putting the budget tax back on the table, remember the buffett rule, that calls for increase in taxes on those making a million dollars or more, taxing them by 30%. the president wants to see that become law, he says this budget will shut off the sequester which is of course causing a lot of pa
, southbound 101 transition to 380 will be shut down until 6:00 a.m. kristen and eric? >> another snub to san jose in the efforts to move the a's to the city and the nfl commissioner -- rather, baseball commissioner says he will not meet with the mayor reed. >> a clerk fights back against >> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> officials believe a north korean missile launch is imminent and they have been making preparations. the pentagon says a high-tech floating radar is now up and running joining naval destroyers off the korean coast. experts say a launch could be timed to the birthday of north korea's founder, the current leader's grandfather, on monday. it is the biggest holiday which in the past has been used to show off military power. >> store owner used a baseball bat to take on a pair of armed robbers and lived to tell about it. two men entered the store in chicago on tuesday. can you see they are seen pulling a gun and all hell broke loose. the owner swank a baseball bat at a robber who was shooting at him. he is firing at him. the store owner
. kristen and eric? >> 5:20. american airlines take as big step to exiting bankruptcy and the bloomberg business report coming up. >> the scene in boston right now, the finish line area of the boston mayor then the city is waking up as america's latest terror target with coverage continuing in a moment. [ male announcer ] now we can all be at the corner of "just another prescription" and "sweet, something just for me." because walgreens balance rewards is more than a savings card. it's a rewards card that gives you 500 rewards points every time you fill a prescription. points you can redeem in store or online for, well, almost anything. rack up points with each prescription you fill, right here. at the corner of happy and healthy. [ female announcer ] some prescriptions not eligible to earn points. restrictions apply. see website for details. i just stick the bar in the dryer like this, and it freshens my laundry for me so i don't have to think. wait. what was the question? [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ man ] stick it and forget it. >> good morning to you, the "san jo
springs is the warm spot at 85. now, the morning commute. >> you her it from kristen, all clear in san francisco, the area where we did have closures because of police activity which has were ad up. so montgomery is back in rung order. we have two sig-alerts with two lanes block because of a big rig accident. the drive coming from livermore to dublin/pleasanton, it will be tougher today. the drive through san jose shows clear, no accidents out there, but we are following another sig-alert that happened in diction on with the details coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, leyla gulen, eric is paying close attention to this. new research finds there is a biological reason why some men find it difficult to read women's emotions. scientists gave male volunteers a brain scan looking at pictures of people's eyes and asked to describe how the people were feeling, the men found it twice as hard to guess a woman's mood as a man. the particpants understood what other men felt by remembering similar moments in their own lives but when they looked at women's eyes they found themselves...mystifie
and christian, in -- kristen, in the greater boston area 7.6 million are told to shelter in place. no school. no mass transit. no one in or out of the town of watertown behind me on the border of it here. we have seen lots of officers, bus loads, full bus loads coming by as police continue the investigation with flashing lights behind me looking for the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. look at this piurof the suspect. he was the man in the white from the pictures released yesterday from te f.b.i. and he has been identified a dzhokhar tsarnaev. that is who they arelookin for, going door to door to find the man believed his brother, the other suspect, we learned he was killed overnight and this happened after a university officer at m.i.t. was shot and killed. the suspect then led police on a man hunt, a car chase, and this was gunfire. they were throwing things out of the car, explosives and that is when an officer was critically injured and the brother was shot and killed. now, police are now looking for the other suspect and they are keeping everyone on lockdown telling people
hill. kristen and eric? >> at 6:20, our coverage of the boston bombings continues and straight ahead the special visit for the 11-year-old injured martinez boy if the bay area and a sports star is planning a trip to his boston hospital. >> kate middleton is showing and debuts the new baby bump. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer! it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew keurig's best cup, stronger, bigger, or hotter, with the keurig vue. >> good morning, everyone, at the sunrises over the bay area. a beautiful shot from the camera in the oak berkeley hills with the bay there, and the beginning of the warm weather. the complete forecast is ahead. >> in royal baby news the duchess is finally starting to show, wearing a light green coat, rather, a mint green, wouldn't you, eric? that cut not hide the fact she is almost seven months pregnant. still s
eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. want to take it down a notch? >> like the temperatures? >> we don't have a choice. mike? >> the marine layer of clouds, we talked about those, they are back, with no precipitation. still we are abnormally dry and to throw the "d" word out there is premature but in the valley and we will talk about that in the coming days. 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday, 15 to 19 around novato and santa rosa and livermore. we are running in the 40's in most neighborhoods and we have a few 50's, san jose, mountain view and san carlos and toward antioch, as far as today, we are in the low 60's and low 70's an the bay and cloudy at the coast and hugging 60 and a lot of sunshine inland upper 60's to upper 70's. >> as we take you into san jose we do have a report of a stalled clear on the julian on-ramp of the southbound side of 87 but northbound traffic is moving smootly coming into downtown san jose. back in the east bay, right out of tracy and livermore over the altamont pass, we are looking at 32 miles per hour and we still have the crash that has been pus
and it eases up at the high-rise and toward foster city. eric and kristen? >> the founder of twitter is trying to revolutionize the way fast food restaurants do business and is announcing updates to the mobile payment system with tweets that help restaurants improve order accuracy including attaching customer name to orders and say smaller operators are saveed money. it is used by three million merchants including starbucks and food trucks in the bay area. >> plot twist for two abc7 news soaps "one life to live" and "all my children" new half hours of the episodes debut online through itunes after ending in 2012. "all my children" will continue five years later and "one life to live" picks up a year later with new episodes monday through thursday. >> still a lot of news including breaking news from europe ahead at 5:30 the blast ripping through central prague and what authorities are revealing about a cause. >> first, developing news from calaveras county an 8-year-old is found stabbed to death inside her home and police reveal live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good m
announced that he will visit seoul next week. for more, we go to nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker. kristen, i guess that's the firmest sign we've had of how the administration is responding and how seriously it's responding to this latest outbreak of belligerence from north korea. >> reporter: there's no doubt the administration thinks this is incredibly serious. part of their strategy, martin, right now, is to reassure its allies in the region. secretary of state john kerry, as you just mentioned, will be traveling to seoul. in addition to that, the united states beefed up its presence in the area, just this afternoon announcing it has sent a second missile carrier to the region. so really trying to make a show of force alongside its alleys in the region. south korea and japan. the president has been in contact with the leaders in those countries as well. part of the administration strategy, martin, also involves reiterating the fact that north korea has used this type of bluster in the past. but i have been speaking to experts in the region who say this moment feels diffe
bipartisan plan on background checks. let's bring in nbc white house toernt kristen welker. what can you tell us what the president is expected to say at 5:30? >> reporter: karen, he's going to react to the fact that the manchin/toomey compromise was just defeated in the senate. and i expect we will hear him make similar arguments for expanding background checks to the ones that we have heard him make in the past. you'll probably hear him reference the fact that according to polls, 90% of americans actually support expanding background checks. this is a defeat, obviously, for toomey and manchin and the senators who supported this legislation. but it's also a defeat for president obama. he, of course, made enacting stiffer gun laws one of his key goals in this second term in the wake of the newtown tragedy. he has been traveling across the country, pressing for this. meeting with newtown families. of course, the newtown families came here. they were here on capitol hill all of last week, urging senators to vote in favor of expanding background checks. but as of today, it appears that that is n
pete williams from washington and nbc's kristen welker at the white house. pete, i'm going to start with you. what are we expecting to hear at this fbi briefing within the next hour? >> we're going to hear, i believe, why they're interested in these two particular people. what it is they've done. what they can be seen doing that attracts their attention and raises their interest and why they want to find and talk to them. they know what they look like. they know what they were doing. the fbi has always thought that the bombs were carried to the scene in black nylon duffel bags or backpacks. they an see on these pictures the men, these two men carrying heavy backpack and duffel bag. they believe the bombs were relatively heavy, probably around 20 pounds. they were in the vicinity of where the bombs were found. so, where they were set off. so they want to find them. they don't know who they are, and they're going to ask for public assistance, we believe, in identifying the men. and you may remember that they asked for both photos and video. so it's certainly possible that we'll see bo
, the question comes how does the president intend to respond? for we go to nbc's kristen welkwelk er live at the white house. kristen, the president has said on several occasions that if assad were to use chemical weapons, then a red line will have been crossed. now, the british, the french and the israelis all believe that that's already happened. so is the administration now falling in line with their assessment? >> reporter: they are, martin. here's what the administration said today. they said the intelligence community believes with, quote, varying degrees of confidence, that chemical weapons have been used in syria. the language is very important because it gives president obama some space to actually determine whether a red line has been crossed. and what the administration is saying is there are still outlying questions that they want answered to before the president can actually make that determination, so they are calling on the united nations to help them corroborate the intelligence community's assessment that chemical weapons have actually been used. but there's another part
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